Meet Our Board Of Advisors

Board Members


Brandon Shoate

CEO, Fortem Investment

From his experience as a real estate investor. Brandon brings his knowledge of the real estate world to the table to help aid in our real estate marketing campaigns.


Camden Sivils

Founder, Sivils Auto Consulting

Camden has helped many people reach their automotive goals. Whether buying or selling. This knowledge benefits greatly to our automotive based clients.


Calvin Nguyen

Co-Owner, OMG Tacos

The addition of Calvin was an absolute no-brainer. He has successfully made his Mexican restaurant into a thriving and ever-expanding business. Giving great advice for our fellow restaurant clientele.


Justin Newberg

CEO, Sharp Ranked 

Specializing in the SEO (search engine optimization) industry, Justin offers a wealth of insight into the online marketing industry to help bring results.


Kelly Radnitzer

CEO, HD Labs Nutrition

Along with being a business partner and client, Kelly’s knowledge of the fitness industry helps us better understand how to market to that audience.


Rich Holguin

CEO, Nimvee Asset Management

 Having a background in the mortgage industry is an amazing asset to have when working with financial and real estate based clients. And Rich delivers on his vast knowledge of it.